How To Use Acupressure Points To Alleviate A Toothache

When you have a toothache, keeping the pain at bay until you're able to see the dentist can be challenging. Pain relief medications only go so far, and they can also cause unwanted side effects. While you do need to seek dental treatment to treat the cause of a toothache (likely an infection), one way to keep the related pain in check is to apply pressure to certain acupressure points along your body. Here's a look at a few points to focus on.


This point, which is also known as "small intestine 18" is located at the lower edge of your cheekbone, directly beneath the outer corner of your eye. Locate in on both sides of your face, and then use your finger tips to apply firm, but even pressure to the points. Hold the pressure on for at least a minute, meanwhile breathing deeply. You should feel the pain of your toothache beginning to subside. You can apply pressure to this point again any time the pain returns.


This point, also known as "large intestine 4" is a good one for very severe, searing tooth pain. It can actually be used for any sort of pain relief -- especially when the pain is due to inflammation. So keep it in mind for sinus headache pain, sports injuries, and the like. It's located in the fleshy part of your hand, right between your thumb and pointer finger. Squeeze this portion of your hand using the pointer and thumb of the opposite hand. Hold the squeeze for about 30 seconds at a time.


This point, also known as "stomach 44" is good for milder, aching tooth pain and jaw pain. It's located right between your second and third toe, just where your foot meets the toes. The best way to apply pressure to this point is to plant your foot firmly on the ground -- on a hard floor, not a carpeted one. Press directly down using your pointer or middle finger, and hold the pressure for about a minute.

If you've experienced some success in using acupressure points to alleviate toothache pain, then you may want to also reach out to an acupuncturist like West Omaha Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic. They can use more specific treatments to alleviate your discomfort, not only when you have a toothache, but also when you're left dealing with any other type of pain, from headaches to digestive discomfort.