Your Chiropractor Has Suggested A Career Change — Now What?

If you've seen a chiropractor for multiple sessions because of an ailment that relates to your chosen profession, you may experience issues in your recovery. For example, the chiropractor may be able to adjust the joint in question in reduce your discomfort, but the pain can quickly re-emerge as soon as you get back to work. No chiropractor is going to come out and say that you need to quit your job, but your chiropractor may suggest that your profession and your injury aren't a good match. Read More 

3 Ways You Can Maximize Your Physical Therapy Sessions

Physical therapy is a type of treatment that can fix a lot of medical problems, including lower back pain and ligament injuries. In order for it to work, though, you need to take these steps. They'll help you maximize physical therapy and get on the road to recovery a lot quicker.  Accurately Describe Your Pain  Before you start doing various exercises and stretches, you need to tell your physical therapist exactly what type of pain and aches you're struggling with. Read More 

Neurological Effects Of Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash is a common motor vehicle accident injury that occurs when the neck is exposed to a sudden violent force. Initial symptoms may only include muscle pain and stiffness that gradually subsides. However, neurological effects can also occur because of trauma to the spinal nerves that run from the base of the skull to the end of the spine. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, the effects of damage or irritation of these nerves may expose themselves throughout the body rather just at the point of your motor vehicle accident injury. Read More 

3 Alternative Treatments For Musculoskeletal Pain

Many people have chronic musculoskeletal pain from conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, or old injuries. Chronic pain can be debilitating and standard treatments may not provide complete relief. Adding alternative treatments to your current pain management plan might improve your quality of life. Massage Massage can seem counter intuitive because you may be concerned about your massage therapist making pain worse. Any good massage therapist will listen to your concerns and only do as much as you allow. Read More 

Do You Have Sore Fingers? It May Be Time to See a Chiropractor

While it might be easy to shrug off a sore finger, the reality is that this pain may bother you countless times throughout the day. At work, at home, and even while you sleep, finger pain may be disruptive to the point that you visit a pharmacy to buy a small splint and attempt to immobilize the digit. Doing so might provide some relief, but it's not a long-term fix. A better decision is to contact a chiropractic clinic in your community. Read More