Scenarios In Which Your Chiropractor May Elect Not To Adjust Your Body

Whether you're in pain or just want to experience greater range of motion, your chiropractor is a healthcare professional to whom you can turn. Although commonly associated with back health, chiropractors can adjust a broad range of areas throughout your body to alleviate pain and make you feel better. There may be a time that you visit a chiropractor for an assessment, but he or she elects not to adjust you. Read More 

Look For These Signs That Suggest An Infant Is Experiencing Back Pain

While you might rely on chiropractic adjustments to feel your best, you may not know that this health practitioner can also treat your children. With older children, they can let you know if they're experiencing back pain and you can make an appointment for them. With infants who are unable to communicate, however, identifying a back issue won't be as easy. If you suspect that your young child is dealing with back pain, make him or her a chiropractic appointment. Read More 

What Can You Do For The Symptoms Of Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is not just a condition that strikes diabetics. However, the symptoms can be the same regardless of the reason for the development of the condition. If you are living with neuropathy, here is what you need to know.   What Can You Do at Home to Treat the Condition?  One of the most important ways you can slow the progression of neuropathy is to exercise. Exercising will not necessarily reverse the effects of the condition, but it can help to improve your muscle strength and balance. Read More 

Back Pain? Here’s When To See A Chiropractor Instead Of A Massage Therapist

When you have a sore back and are eager to see a practitioner for help, you might initially wonder whether you should visit your local chiropractic clinic or look up a massage therapist in your community. The good news is that both types of therapy can be highly effective in assessing the reason for your sore back and working to address the pain. However, some types of back pain are better suited for chiropractic adjustments, while others may be better helped through massage. Read More 

How To Use Acupressure Points To Alleviate A Toothache

When you have a toothache, keeping the pain at bay until you're able to see the dentist can be challenging. Pain relief medications only go so far, and they can also cause unwanted side effects. While you do need to seek dental treatment to treat the cause of a toothache (likely an infection), one way to keep the related pain in check is to apply pressure to certain acupressure points along your body. Read More