Your Chiropractor Has Suggested A Career Change — Now What?

If you've seen a chiropractor for multiple sessions because of an ailment that relates to your chosen profession, you may experience issues in your recovery. For example, the chiropractor may be able to adjust the joint in question in reduce your discomfort, but the pain can quickly re-emerge as soon as you get back to work. No chiropractor is going to come out and say that you need to quit your job, but your chiropractor may suggest that your profession and your injury aren't a good match. He or she may gently indicate that if you really want to see the last of this discomfort, a new career path may be the best choice for your chiropractic care. Here are some routes that you can take upon hearing this news:

Consider A Slight Job Description Change

Not everyone is going to be able to give his or her notice at work upon the chiropractor's suggestion, but this doesn't mean that you'll necessarily want to continue with your job the way that it currently is. If you feel as though your employer is reasonable, talk to him or her about your predicament. Often, you may be able to put your heads together and come up with a way to slightly adjust your job description to eliminate the tasks that your chiropractor suspects are most contributing to your pain. This may allow you to continue to work in your role at a lower risk of discomfort.

Change Your Work Environment

Some employees can benefit from changing their work environments rather than quitting and looking for new work. This can especially be the case if you work in an office. Your chiropractor may be concerned about the amount that you sit, which could be compounding your back or hip pain. The addition of a standing desk will allow you to stand for long stretches of the day — sitting only during short breaks — and this may dramatically help your pain.

Ask About Offsetting Exercises

If you tell your chiropractor that you may consider a career change, but that you can't make the move immediately, you'll want to ask about what you can do in the meantime. Chiropractors commonly give their clients exercises to perform at home, so ask your practitioner to suggest some exercises that may help to offset the pain that your job creates. For example, strengthening your core can lessen the back pain that you experience from bending a lot during the workday.