Back Pain? Here’s When To See A Chiropractor Instead Of A Massage Therapist

When you have a sore back and are eager to see a practitioner for help, you might initially wonder whether you should visit your local chiropractic clinic or look up a massage therapist in your community. The good news is that both types of therapy can be highly effective in assessing the reason for your sore back and working to address the pain. However, some types of back pain are better suited for chiropractic adjustments, while others may be better helped through massage. You should set your sights on chiropractic care if you find yourself in one of these situations.

You Have Tingling In Your Limbs

Tingling in your limbs in conjunction with back pain is often a sign that your spine is out of alignment to the point that it's applying pressure to your nervous system. When the nerves are impacted in this manner, it's common to experience occasional or even constant pain in other areas — after all, the nervous system runs along the spine and extends out to each area of your body. While massage may help in this case, you'll likely want a chiropractor who can adjust your spine to ease the pressure on your nerves.

You Have Sharp, Burning Pain

Sharp and burning pain is often indicative of pressure on your nerves. For example, if one of your discs isn't in alignment, it may be pushing onto the nearby nerves. You might not have constant pain, but you could find that upon bending or turning in a certain manner, you get a stabbing pain that may be so sudden and intense that it causes you to cry out. The spine will need to be adjusted to allow the bulging disc to slip back into place, and your local chiropractor is the right healthcare professional to turn to for this help.

You Were In A Car Accident

Being in a car accident can commonly leave you with back pain. While you may have some achy muscles that massage can help, you'll likely want to get checked out by a chiropractor. When your body is jostled in the collision, even if the impact seems minor, your back can get put out of alignment. You might not be experiencing a high degree of pain at this time, but a back that isn't in alignment will often only get worse and lead to increased discomfort. The chiropractor will be able to perform the necessary adjustments to prevent such future complications.

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