Scenarios In Which Your Chiropractor May Elect Not To Adjust Your Body

Whether you're in pain or just want to experience greater range of motion, your chiropractor is a healthcare professional to whom you can turn. Although commonly associated with back health, chiropractors can adjust a broad range of areas throughout your body to alleviate pain and make you feel better. There may be a time that you visit a chiropractor for an assessment, but he or she elects not to adjust you. An adjustment is commonplace after the assessment to determine what might be wrong, but there are a number of reasons that your chiropractor may deem an adjustment to be the wrong approach. Here are three such scenarios.

Problems With An Artificial Joint

Chiropractors can adjust knees and hips with a high degree of success; in the past, you may have even relied on such an adjustment. However, if you've recently gone through joint-replacement surgery in either of these areas and you're experiencing discomfort, your chiropractor may be leery about adjusting an artificial joint. The last thing he or she wants to have happen is the adjustment cause the joint to pop out. If you find yourself with pain around an artificial joint and you visit your chiropractor, it's probable that he or she will instruct you to seek advice from the physician who performed the joint replacement.

Severe Osteoporosis

When you have osteoporosis, your bones are extremely brittle. This condition can make them susceptible to breaking, which can leave you with a number of undesired consequences. While chiropractors may adjust your joints if you have osteoporosis that is in an early stage, your chiropractor may be reluctant to take the same approach if your condition is advanced; he or she may be concerned that a quick adjustment could harm your bone health. Instead of an adjustment, the chiropractor may attempt some gentle manipulation of the affected area, or may even refer you to another health practitioner, such as a massage therapist.

Tumor In The Area

It's possible that you visit the chiropractor with back pain and receive an X-ray, only for your chiropractor to refer you to another health expert. For example, if the chiropractor assesses the X-ray and believes that there is a tumor-like mass around the area in which you're experiencing pain, it's probable that he or she will not adjust your body. The mass could very likely be the cause of your discomfort — for example, it could be pushing on your nerves along your spine. The chiropractor will advise you to see a doctor right away.

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