Steps That You Can Take To Prevent A Back Injury During A Motor Vehicle Accident

When someone suffers a back injury in a motor vehicle accident, he or she may be in for a long road of recovery. A chiropractor is the right healthcare practitioner to rely on in this situation, but fixing your injury may take a series of adjustments and a lot of your time. While you can't completely eliminate the risk of sustaining a back injury in an accident, there are things that you can do to lessen this risk. Beyond things such as wearing your seat belt and driving safely, here are three steps that you can employ:

Use The Seat Belt Correctly

Seat belts are designed to be worn correctly; if you don't wear this device in an intended manner, it may still save your life — but might not protect you from a back injury. You should always wear the upper part of the seat belt over your shoulder. Some people may occasionally tuck this part under their arm if they find it to be uncomfortable, but doing so won't give you the proper protection. Without being over your shoulder, the seat belt won't hold you back in the seat to the same degree if you're in an accident, which could cause you to lurch forward and hurt your back.

Sit Up Straight

It can be tempting to slouch while you're in the car, especially if you're a passenger and you're on a long trip. However, you may be at an increased risk of hurting your back in an accident if you're not sitting upright. When you're in a slouched position, your seat belt won't be supporting you properly, and your body could shift around awkwardly in the event of a collision. Additionally, in a slouched posture, your back is already in a poor position for your overall back health, which could result in a greater injury during an accident.

Pull Over Before You Change How You Sit

If you're traveling with children in the backseat, you may have to frequently turn around to care for them in some manner when you're in the front seat as a passenger. Having your body bent at a sharp angle means that you could be at risk of a serious back injury if your vehicle is hit while you're turning. Although it will slow down your traveling progress, you should always pull off the road in a safe location before you care for your children. Once the work is done, you can sit back in a normal, safe posture.

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