Visit A Local Chiropractor For A Postural Assessment

It's common to book an appointment with a chiropractor when you're in pain, but it's an even better idea to see this back care professional when you're feeling fine. One service that chiropractors can offer to their patients is a postural assessment. This assessment is ideal for identifying any issues with how you sit. They might not be causing you pain at the moment, but pain will likely be in your future unless you deal with your posture. At a postural assessment, your chiropractor will have you sit in a chair. You'll be asked to sit naturally, rather than try to sit upright in a manner that you might not normally use. Then, your chiropractor will offer the following types of assistance.

Pointing Out Issues

As you sit, your chiropractor will gently point out the problems with your posture. Unless you have perfect posture, you can expect to hear some things that aren't ideal about how you sit. For example, your lower back may be slouched, or you may lean forward with your head. You shouldn't feel judged or criticized — rather, this is an important educational exercise that will be in your best interest. The chiropractor may even go beyond your back to look at how your legs and arms are positioned, as they can play a role in your overall comfort while seated.

Suggesting Changes

Your postural assessment isn't just a time for you to hear everything that you're doing incorrectly. Your chiropractor will also talk about the various changes that you can make to improve your posture — and to keep your body from experiencing the pain that can often eventually arise as a result of poor posture. Sometimes, the chiropractor will manually move your body in a certain manner to allow you to see how it feels. For example, if you're holding your shoulders high — which can lead to upper-back pain — your chiropractor may gently lower them to provide relief for you.

Adjusting Your Body

Sometimes, a postural assessment will include some physical adjustments. If your chiropractor identifies issues in your spine or elsewhere that prevent you from being comfortable sitting in a proper position, he or she may perform small adjustments. These treatments can restore the natural shape of your spine, which should allow you to sit more comfortably. A postural assessment with your local chiropractor can be money well spent, as the fee for this appointment can be far less than you'd eventually end up spending on back care as a result of prolonged poor posture.

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