Do You Have Sore Fingers? It May Be Time to See a Chiropractor

While it might be easy to shrug off a sore finger, the reality is that this pain may bother you countless times throughout the day. At work, at home, and even while you sleep, finger pain may be disruptive to the point that you visit a pharmacy to buy a small splint and attempt to immobilize the digit. Doing so might provide some relief, but it's not a long-term fix. A better decision is to contact a chiropractic clinic in your community.

You might not know that in addition to treating backs and necks, chiropractors can also work on smaller parts of your body such as fingers. Here are some ways that a chiropractor can help your finger pain.

Chiropractors Can Adjust the Finger

In many cases, your finger pain may be a result of the finger being fully or partially dislocated in the past and not healing correctly. Whether you visited an urgent care center to have the dislocated finger set or you even attempted to do it yourself, the joint may have gone through considerable trauma that may not have healed fully. Your chiropractor will assess the finger in question, as well as talk to you about any injuries that you might have sustained, to get a sense of what may be needed. In many cases, a subtle adjustment can be the answer.

Chiropractors Can Discuss Home Care

Joints can be sensitive after chiropractic adjustments, and this means that your chiropractor will talk to you about how you should take care of your finger after the appointment. Using your hands for a physical task or something repetitive such as typing may cause the finger to slide out of joint again, or may be painful for a while. Before he or she sends you home, your chiropractor will talk about home care with you. For example, the chiropractor may advocate keeping your finger immobile as much as possible, or avoiding carrying heavy objects with that hand.

Chiropractors Can Emphasize Injury Prevention

If you're aware of how your finger injury occurred, even if it was a long time ago, you may have an idea of how to prevent a similar issue from happening again. However, if the cause of your injury isn't clear, your chiropractor will commonly talk to you about what can cause your type of finger injury—and how to lower the risk of such an injury happening to you in the future.