3 Ways You Can Maximize Your Physical Therapy Sessions

Physical therapy is a type of treatment that can fix a lot of medical problems, including lower back pain and ligament injuries. In order for it to work, though, you need to take these steps. They'll help you maximize physical therapy and get on the road to recovery a lot quicker. 

Accurately Describe Your Pain 

Before you start doing various exercises and stretches, you need to tell your physical therapist exactly what type of pain and aches you're struggling with. Only then will they be able to identify your condition or problem and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

When describing your pain, be as thorough as you can be. Let your physical therapist know where the pain is coming from and how frequent the pain is. Also describe what type of pain you're experiencing, such as sharp, severe pains or mild pains that throb. 

Start a Journal 

Even when you first meet with your physical therapist, a lot of information will be provided. Struggling to remember all of these details is not uncommon, which is why you should consider starting a journal. You can then log every session with your physical therapist and write down relevant details that will impact your recovery.

You'll particularly want to record what exercises your therapist wants you to do from home. These can be pretty detailed, and having notes to consult with any time helps ensure you do the exercises correctly and at the right times. You can also use your journal to record your progression, which lets the physical therapist know what further steps need to be done.

Utilize Additional Resources 

Along with your physical therapy, you need to utilize additional resources so that you can speed up your recovery. There are many great resources you have access to today, such as massage therapy. This form of healing helps promote blood flow throughout your entire body, which is essentially for combating pain and stress.

You can also take advantage of heat and ice therapy from home. Whenever you're watching TV or sitting by the computer, apply heat and ice packs to sore areas of your body. This helps fight inflammation so you're not as sore from all of the exercises that your physical therapist puts you through.

When used correctly, physical therapy can have all sorts of physical and mental benefits. The trick is to keep a consistent routine and get on the same page with your physical therapist. Contact a clinic, like Progressive Chiropractic, for more help.