3 Ways a Chiropractor Can Help with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

One of the more common workplace injuries that many people experience is carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by pressure in the nerve that is right above your wrist. If you have CTS, there are ways to treat it that don't involve surgical intervention.

#1: Manipulate Joints and Soft Tissue of Hands and Wrist

One of the things that chiropractors are most skilled out is the manipulation of joints and soft tissue. They can manipulate the joins and soft tissue on your hand, wrist, and lower arm in order to help relieve some of the pain caused by your condition. Chiropractors learn all about the skeletal and muscular system and can use that information to bring you relief from the pain you feel.

#2: Address Misalignment to Back and Neck

Second, your carpal tunnel syndrome can result in additional pain due to misalignment in your neck and back. Your chiropractor will examine your entire body and determine if this is the case. They can then use techniques such as manual manipulation, as well as use chiropractic tools like a vibrating bed, to help address the misalignment in your neck and back. Addressing the misalignment in your neck and back can lead to a reduction in pain from your carpal tunnel syndrome as well.

#3: Develop Exercise and Strengthening Program

Third, your chiropractic can develop an exercise and strength training program for you that specifically takes into account your carpal tunnel syndrome. They will provide you with exercises that will help strengthen your muscles and help increase your range of motion and mobility. With early intervention, you may be able to work with your chiropractor to improve your condition and to avoid needing surgery.

#4: Work with Other Care Providers

Your chiropractor may also suggest other alternative treatments for you to take alongside your care with them. For example, your chiropractor may suggest acupuncture as a means of providing relief from the pain your carpal tunnel syndrome creates. Getting relief from the pain can help make the treatment the chiropractor offers you more effective. It is common with a condition like this for your chiropractor to suggest additional treatments that may help with the healing process.

When it comes to taking care of your carpal tunnel syndrome, you should contact chiropractic care services. A chiropractor can engage in manipulating your joints and soft tissue of your hands and wrist. Sometimes, CTS can be aggregated by back and neck pain. Your chiropractor can also develop exercise and strengthening programming to help with your condition and may work with additional care providers to help treat your condition.