How Some Chiropractors Use The Drop Technique To Stop Back Pain

When you are involved in a car accident, you might experience back pain that you have never experienced before. If you do everything your doctor says to do, but your back pain continues to get worse, then you might decide to take a trip to a chiropractic adjustment center. The chiropractor might recommend the drop table technique.

The Drop Table Technique Is an Alternative to Spinal Manipulation 

In many chiropractor sessions, the goal is to use forceful spinal manipulation. However, if you want a more gentle treatment, the drop table technique manipulates the spine with much less power while also being able to help you recover from your injuries.

How the Process Works

When your chiropractor is using the drop technique, they will place you on a special table. The chiropractor will apply force and the table is designed to drop somewhat in response to the force. This allows gravity to play a role in your chiropractic adjustment. This allows your back to remain in the passive range of motion. 

The table consists of various sections and each section can be raised or lowered within a set range. Sections can be raised or lowered and are then fastened into place. This is important because the body will still have momentum as the chiropractor applies the technique and this will help with the adjustment. 

Your Recovery

You will usually need several sessions. The number of sessions you'll need depends on the severity of your back injury. However, with each session, you'll begin to notice that your pain is lessening and you will also experience a greater range of motion. 

Other Alternatives

A chiropractor can be a much better option than other treatments, such as pain medications. Pain medications only mask the pain and eventually wear off. Some pain medications can also become addictive. However, a chiropractor who uses the drop technique can treat the underlying problems with your back and help you recover in the long run.

Any treatment will only be part of your overall back treatment. For example, you will also need to keep your body in motion so that you can strengthen your back. While you might think resting will help you recover, many back injuries become even worse because the back muscles have become weakened as a result of not being used often enough. Therefore, it's important to consult with a chiropractor about how to best recover.

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