How To Use Acupressure Points To Alleviate A Toothache

When you have a toothache, keeping the pain at bay until you're able to see the dentist can be challenging. Pain relief medications only go so far, and they can also cause unwanted side effects. While you do need to seek dental treatment to treat the cause of a toothache (likely an infection), one way to keep the related pain in check is to apply pressure to certain acupressure points along your body. Read More 

Migraine Treatment

Migraine headaches are the scourge of many people's lives. Statistics show that 2.7 million Canadians have been diagnosed with migraines, with untold numbers not seeking treatment. This condition is debilitating and often causes sufferers to miss work and impedes their ability to carry out other daily tasks. If you suffer from migraines, you can find help, both from medication and other treatments. Symptoms Migraines are not typical headaches. They do cause pain, but it's often pounding and " Read More 

Three Questions To Ask Your Massage Therapist During Your First Appointment

The physical pain you've been experiencing, whether it's a sore neck, frequent headaches or tight muscles elsewhere in your body, are often no match for the experienced hands of a massage therapist. If you've had discomfort, visiting a massage therapist can provide relief for what's been affecting your quality of life. During your initial appointment, you'll be tasked with filling out a medical history form and then noting all the symptoms related to the issue you're dealing with. Read More